After your reservation, you will recieve an automatic response e-mail for reservation.

If you do not recieve an e-mail, please check your spam filter turned off.
And please contact us directly to check your reservation was surely made.





 We will send you an e-mail for confirmation and information about payment.
If you do not get an e-mail from us in 48 hours, please contact us by phone.
(If you do not get a contact from us, there are possibility that your reservation is not reach us correctly)





 If you reserve your reservation by credit card when you make reservation,
your payment process has done.
If you got an error on credit card payement, we will contact you by e-mail for the payment way.

*All the amount of staying fee must paid before your arrival.




 You will get an e-mail to confirm your payment and information for how to enter your room.
Also, you will get a map to access our Kyoto Station Reception and Sannenzaka-An.

Please check this e-mail before you come to Kyoto.


 Our Kyoto Station Reception is oepn from 9:00-19:00 for your check in.

If you can come before 14:00, we offer "Baggage Delivery Service" at reception.
Please click below bottom to check the details for delivery.

* We accept checkin at Sannenzaka-An also, however you can enter the room after 16:00 only.





We offer you an original map for Kyoto City which you can use for sightseeing.
Also, please check "Area Information" page.

*If you use delivery service, you can enjoy your sighteeing with no stress!



Enter your room at Sannenzaka-An after 16:00.
There are no curfew/closing timelockup, so please do not worry about the time.
*We accept check in at Sannenzaka-An also,

If you use delivery service from Kyoto Station Reception,
you will recive your baggage until 20:00 inside of your room.
Your are not in the room at time time, we will put baggage inside the room.

Please make your self at home.

If you stay the room continually more than 1 nihgt,
our staff will clean your room everyday from 11:00.

and if you do not need housekeeping during the stay, please tell the staff until check in.
*However, we need to clean the room at least 1 times a 3 days which follows by law, and you cannot refuse this.
(except you reserve Sannenzaka-An with an accomodation plan of no-cleaning.)




Check out is 11:00.

There are no process for check out.
Please close the door, then you can leave Sannenzaka.

If you reserve "baggage delivery service" from Sannenzaka-An,
please prepare your bags inside of your room entrance until 10:00.




When you use delivery service, please come to our Kyoto Station Reception
between 15:30 and 19:00 to pick up your baggages.

If you have questions, please click here for "Frequently asked questions".
Please read our "Accomodation Contract".