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Q. From when are you able to make reservation?

Reservations are accpetable from 4 months before, beginning of every month (from 10:00 Japanese Local Time) on internet. By phone call, it start from the next day (from10:00 Japanese Local Time). If there are any changes, we will mention it on our homepage.

Q. How much?

The rates are different everyday regarding seasons, occupancies, and also each rooms has different rates. Please check from "here".

Q. How children will be counted?

Over 4 years children will be counted as 1 adult. Under 3 years old children will be recorded as "no-bed child".

Q. Do we have holidays?

Basically, no regular holidays in our company. However, there are possibilities of staff's holiday such as in the new years day. In this case, we will mention this on our homepage, aslo on our "Machiya-inn" official homepage, twitter, and facebook.

Q. Can you stay only minor ages?

We need you to submit a document of "Minor Accommodation Agreement" from protector. If you need a document to submit, please mention us when you make reservation. We will send it to you by e-mail.

Q. Is it okay to pay on arrival?

We only accept pre-payment by credit card or bank transfer. Please see "Process after reservation".

Q. Is there possibility to stay with other groups?

Sannenzaka-An has 6 rooms, however each rooms are completely separated. We accept 1 group in 1 room, so you will not see any other people inside your room. Of course, there is a possibility that you will see other guests at elevators or reception.

Q. How and where you check in?

You can check in at "Kyoto Station Reception" between 9:00 and 19:00. Or, you can contact us at least one day before, then you can check in at Sannenzaka-An.
Please come to Kyoto Station Reception if you would like to use delivery service.
Please see "Access" page for "Kyoto Station Reception" and "Sannenzaka-An". Also, please check "process" page for your smooth check in.

Q. What time is your check out?

Check out is 11:00.

Q. From what time you can use your room?

You can enter your room from 16:00.

Q. Can we make early check in or late check out?

Basically, we do not accept early check in and late check out.

Q. What time is curfew?

There are no curfew. You can go in and out anytime you like. However, we need to ask you to keep quiet after 21:00 for not disturb neighbours.

Q. Can you send our bags to you before your arrival?

You can send your staff to us (prepaid only). Please make sure your staff reaches us in the morning on your arrival date. We cannot keep your staff overnight.
Please send them to "Kyoto Station Reception" or "Sannenzaka-An" directly. Also, please write your reserved name and arrival date on invoice.And, please mention us you send your staff to us.
* We cannot accept baggages which include a staff need to be chilled or freezed.
Kyoto Station Reception:
547-4 Higashishiokojicho, Shimogyoku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto, Japan, 600-8216
   〒600-8216 京都府京都市下京区東塩小路町547-4 ステーションコートヤード1F
257-5, 2cho-me, Kiyomizu, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto, Japan, 605-0862
  〒605-0862 京都府京都市東山区清水2丁目257-5

Q. Can you use wiress internet access inside Sannenzaka-An?

You can use wiress internet access all rooms at Sannenzaka-An. Password of access is inside the room.

Q. Until when you need to make accomodation reservation?

As long as rooms are available, you can make reservation until 12:00 of check in day (Japanese local time).

Q. Until when can you make changes or cancel your reservation?

It is different regarding your reservation details. Please see cancellation policy and details from here.

Q. What ameties and facilities are prepared?

We prepared basic amenites and facilities. Please see each room's details.

Q. Can you invite my friends to your room who do not have reservation?

We are sorry, you cannot invite people who does not include in the reservation.

Q. Are our staff avairable for 24hours?

Yes, we are avairable for 24hours. Basically, our staff is at Sannenzaka-An, however, we are visiting other machiya and offices few times in a day, so if our staff is not in the reception of Sannenzaka-An, please contact us by phone.

Q. Can you smoke?

We are afraid not. All rooms and corridors of Sannenzaka-An is non-smoking only.

Q. Do we have parking space?

We are sorry, but we do not have parking space for guests. Please use other public parking lot.

Q.Can you call taxi? Can we call taxi?

We are afraid the taxi cannot come to in front of Sannenzaka-An because the road is very narrow. Please go to taxi station near by.
Only in special occasion, we can contact to taxi company but you need to meet up with taxi driver outside of Sannenzaka-an (1-2mins by walk from Sannenzaka-An).

Q. Can your pets stay with you?

We are sorry, no pets allowed in Sannenzaka-An.

Q. Do you have any meals or dinner services?

We do not have any meal or dinner services. Please use kitchen inside your rooms if you need.

Q. Any seasoning are avarable at the kitchen?

We do not prepare any seasoning because of the possibilities of allergy or religious reasons.

Q. Is it possible to see the rooms of Sannenzaka-An before you book?

Basically, we do not show rooms to anybody who do not stay. However, regarding the reasons, there are possibilities to show you one of the room in case there are no reservations or stay at Sannenzaka-An, and staff are avairable on the exact day. Please contact us at least 1 week before to check the situation and details.

Q. Is it possible to stay as a big group and occupy few rooms?

We are glad to welcome you. Please reserve rooms on internet where you would like to use, and contact us by phone. Sometimes we ask you to submit namelist and passport copy before of your arrival.
For group stay (regarding the numbers of people and numbers of rooms you reserve), cancellation policy for group will be applied, please contact us directly.

Q. Can you get recipt for your payment?

We will prepare recipt for you if you would like to have. Please contact us until the day before of your check out day. The recipt is avairable only for those who pay by credit card, cash, or bank transfer direct to our company.

Q. Can you get accommodation certificates?

Please contact our staff. We can issue the certificate maximum 1 year ago.

Q. What is your merit to make reservation fhrough official homepage?

We can arrange your reservation's changes or cancellation by phone call or e-mail smoothly if you made reservation direct to us. Also, we guarantee minimum price inside our homepage. And more, we prepare small Japanese gift to you on your arrival day.